About this Blog

Hear all, see all and speak out for freedom and liberty, if you want to live in peace.

This blog was started in response to the injustice of freedom of expression in the media, in art and in speech being forced on the majority of South African people. 

The purpose is to make all South Africans aware that they do have a right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, that's what the Human Rights Commission is there for to protect all South Africans rights, not just the few who shout the loudest. I  believe we are not living in a communist state, as the more we speak up for our rights, the less power we give oppressors the means to silence our voices.  Oppressors only get away with what we allow them to. 

 I do not belong to any political party, but am against injustice, oppression, bullying tactics, and keeping silent about what I see happening in South Africa. 

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